About Us

- Our Mission -

To bring custom designs for print to life in a fun and expressive way


Art is in everything we touch, see, and experience.  This is why Creations of Purpose has its fingers into a little of everything.  There is no task too small or too big to complete; whether it is a custom designed shirt, a business shirt, a custom glass, or even a special tote with a family member on it, we've got you covered.  If we haven't tapped into it yet, we definitely still can and fully intend to.

The reason we create is because it is important to express emotion.  No matter what is going on, we believe that creating a visual interpretation of what is going on is the most important way to experience life.

With each product created, Creations of Purpose gets to walk in its element and bring masterpieces to life.  We want to do that for you.