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Tragedy and Personal Actions

Tragedy and Personal Actions

Have you noticed the tragedies going on in the world?  Reports of immoral acts circle the globe and find its way into your social media account, emails, and television broadcast.  Rape, mental manipulation, and other actions that impede others right to choose are shoved into our faces almost daily if not hourly.  Somehow, I think the daily communication is meant to do more than desensitize us.  When a person sees an action over and over again, it slowly trains them to think less about the action as heinous and more as a reoccurring natural event. 

 I’d like to propose that these “naturally reoccurring events” are more than what they seem. While I fully understand that not everyone has a pure heart with regard to how they should treat another human being, my experience has been that some things have been kept in the dark.  This kept certain actions at bay in terms of how much the world was exposed to.  Crime has occurred since the beginning of time but its always had a really big rug to cover it.  Why now is the time to air aged heart tugging issues?  What is it really covering?  Every action has a reaction, every cause has an effect, and every plot has a cover. 

What is the even bigger truth that this ugliness is hiding?  There can’t be this much-announced hate in the world without a purpose.  I can’t put my finger on the bigger picture but what I do know is we live in a time where everyone wants to be the hero and share his or her truth or how he or she helped the next person.  There is no truth or hero for the domino effect of tragedy.  We share our emotions as though they are the end all be all thought without taking into account that we either don’t have the full capacity to form a thought or we may not be the right one to offer an opinion.  Opinions are not necessary for every scenario. Sometimes what we need more is love, peace, and light.  It’s easy to disregard someone else’s experience but may I offer that we should consider love as our first line of defense.  Every action completely wrapped in love decreases hate, increases the peace that we all really want, and forces others to walk in the light.

Before speaking (or writing) thoughts about an experience that is not your own, may I offer this? Lead with love and love guide your heart to have enough compassion to speak from that perspective and if you aren’t able to, allow your heart to have enough wisdom to offer silence.  Sometimes silence is the best form of communication because it takes away the salt and acid that harsh words would add.  The salt and acid, when formalized, can be the deciding factor between life and death for someone else.  We don’t always know what a person is going through but we can at least have enough love and compassion to act based on how we would want others to treat us.


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